Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Newest Enterprise: Zester Daily Reporter

Giant marmalade jar at E. Waldo Ward Ranch, 2012.
Regular readers of this blog may have wondered about my lack of recent posts.  I am pleased to announce that there's a good reason for this.

I've embarked on an exciting new project writing for Zester Daily, and online food magazine dedicated to writing and reporting about food in a smart and engaging way.  I'm honored to have my writing seen alongside the work of so many incredible food writers.

My first article for Zester Daily went online a few days ago-- it's a report about my visit to the E. Waldo Ward Ranch.  I've been there several times now and each visit is a treat.  I always come home with edible treats as well.

This morning my family ate croissants with cherry preserves from the Ward Ranch and I can't imagine a more fitting way to celebrate Valentine's Day.  I had planned to take a photograph of our breakfast this morning, but it was so delicious that we gobbled it up before I remembered to get out the camera.

Instead I thought I'd share a photograph of a giant vintage jam jar recently painted for the Ward family to resemble the logo of their first product-- Sweet Orange Marmalade-- created by E. Waldo Ward himself one hundred years ago.