Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Best Party Entertainment Ever

Panini press waiting for business, Jan. 2012.
Over the weekend I attended a party where the entertainment was... a sandwich maker, otherwise known as a "panini press".  It had a place of prominence next to the drinks and when I commented on it, my friend Wendy did her best Vanna White impression and said, "it's the entertainment!"

Of course, we all knew that my friend Wendy herself was the real entertainment.  She's recently back from Ethiopia where she conducted research on medieval manuscripts courtesy of a Fulbright Grant and had amazing stories to tell us about her trip.  Most of us Angelinos haven't heard much about her adventure because she moved to the East Coast several years ago to take up her post as a professor at Princeton.  Since she moved, her LA friends are always excited to have an opportunity to see her.  Wendy's friends come from all over the world and are an amazing bunch of people.  Luckily, they're also the sort of people who know good food and good entertainment.  This party had multiple hosts-- Genevieve came up with the great idea to bring the panini press.  A second host, Bharati, is also a friend of this blog who has offered many useful comments, especially in the field of mushroom identification.

I know it seems crazy that the party entertainment would be a panini press, but it's amazing how fast people will flock around a potentially dangerous heat source when given the option.  And of course, hot sandwiches are always delicious.