Monday, March 12, 2012

The Loquats Are Coming... Again

A neighborhood parrot eats the loquats from the top of our loquat tree, March 10, 2012.
My family awaits the ripening of the loquats each year, but we've never had any other creatures as excited about the loquats as we are.  At dusk yesterday I was "watering my daughters" as I watered the garden when I first realized that our loquat crop was being watched over by some feathered friends.

My children like to play a game called "rainbow" during which I spray water in a rainbow pattern in the air and they run under the water-rainbow hoping to get wet.  It's a little strange, but it keeps them happy as I care for our much-neglected garden.  Every once in a while the water would go shooting up into the air and I would hear an incredible squawk coming from the sky.  When I finally looked up I realized that the parrots in our loquat tree were expressing their displeasure at being inadvertently sprayed with the garden hose.

We don't have enough loquats to harvest yet, but the wild parrots in our neighborhood have already started eating the ripe fruit out of the top of the tree.  I'm looking forward to having a large crop this year and wondering what to do with all the loquats that the parrots don't get to first.  I don't mind sharing, especially since I love the fact that a flock of wild parrots has recently taken up residence in our neighborhood.  But I do wish the parrots didn't have a habit of taking one bite out of a loquat and then letting it fall, leaving it bruised and bitten on the ground.  I may end up taking the leftovers and boiling them up into loquat jam.  Please don't tell anyone that my loquats were picked by the parrots first.

If anyone has a good recipe for using up loquats without having to peel or seed them, I'd love to hear about them.  We've spent many hours involved in this tedious task and I'm trying desperately to avoid it while still finding a good use for the fruit.  I figure I've got another couple of weeks to come up with something, so send in your ideas now.  I'll send a jar of whatever I end up making to the person who comes up with the most creative idea for using loquats with the least amount of effort.


  1. Thank you for your delightful story

  2. You're welcome. We had our first harvest over the weekend and with any luck I'll be posting the report in the next few days...