Thursday, December 8, 2011

Secret to A Great Pie Crust: Ghee

Jared's delicious pecan pie with ghee crust, 2011.
With the holidays quickly approaching, my friend Jared has been experimenting with pie crust recipes.  He's got a secret ingredient that I've never heard of being used in a pie crust-- ghee, which is the traditional Indian version of clarified butter.  I was surprised by this idea, but it made sense.  I've eaten pies made with butter and they're pretty good, but Jared's version using ghee was really good.  He's made several attempts so far (one with just ghee and one with a combination of ghee and lard) and I've been lucky enough to try them both.
"Pumpkin" pie with ghee crust and molasses, 2011.

The pecan pie was great.  I must admit that pecan pie is one of my favorites and the addition of chocolate chunks made it even better.

Jared's version of "pumpkin" pie, made with his homegrown squash, was special not only because of the homegrown squash filling and ghee crust, but also because of the molasses he drizzled over the pie before topping it with whipped cream.  Jared even invited me over to check out his last giant squash before he picked it, chopped it up, and cooked to make... you guessed it... more pies.  I can't wait to try the next version.
Jared's giant squash, ready for picking, 2011.