Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beer, Beer... Beer?

My empty first glass at Jared and Amy's house, July 2011.
It's been a while since I last reported on my friend Jared's beer-making enterprise, but when my parents were visiting, we embarked on a "beer for ham" exchange with Jared and his wife Amy.

My dad had never tried Jared's beer and home-brewed beer made by a man who grows his own hops is just the sort of thing that entertains my father-- a man who cures his own hams in his basement using his Great-Uncle Elwood's recipe.

So off we went to Jared and Amy's house with a package of freshly sliced country ham.  To be more specific, we took Jared and Amy part of a ham that had been hanging in my dad's basement for a year and a half.  So it was old ham (at it's peak, if you ask me), but freshly cooked and sliced.

I don't drink much these days, so it was surprised when the first glass of beer Jared served me was suddenly gone.  My notes from that evening say it was Jared's last bottle of Imperial Stout, but that looks suspiciously like the beer in the photo below, which I've had before.  As Jared has promised, it had aged well and was even better than I remembered it.
Jared's Imperial Stout, July 2011.  Photographed before it disappeared.

The final beer in our tasting was an old favorite of mine-- Hoppy Deliciousness.  It's a pale ale that Jared has made with great success in the past and this time he made it "extra hoppy".  I'm just starting to understand what that means, and I actually could tell the difference.  Whether I got it right in this report (or in the photos) will have to be confirmed by Jared.  
Hoppy Deliciousness, July 2011.  Beer by Jared.