Sunday, May 29, 2011

Recipe Held Hostage

Daniel's photo of his roasted turkey thighs, recipe NOT included, 2011.
I don't normally support the idea of paying off blackmailers or negotiating with kidnappers, but my friend Daniel sent me this photo with the following message:
I know Eat Sunday Dinner is dying for this recipe.  Once the photo is posted, I will supply the recipe.
I didn't read the message immediately and therefore didn't post the photo... or even think about it.  By the following morning I had this message in my inbox.
I can't remember the recipe.  Is the photo online yet?  It just might jog my memory.  The leftover sandwich (no photo) was incredible.
Between two slices of Semolina Bread, begin layering thick slices of roasted turkey thigh.
Two slices of spicy Sopresetta.
Top with slice of Swiss Cheese.
On other slice of Semolina Bread drizzle olive oil and wine vinegar (old wine, a crock and a Vinegar Mother).
Top with homegrown baby lettuce.
Press together and eat.
Against my better judgement I've decided to violate my principles and give in to Daniel's demands to get my hands on his recipe for Turkey Thighs and Roasted Vegetables.

Ok, D.  Your turn.  Where's the recipe?