Friday, April 22, 2011

How Our Garden Grows...

Italian mixed green seedlings sprout in our garden, April 2011.
It's only been about a week since we planted our garden and everything is doing surprisingly well.  The lettuce has sprouted and the bare-root strawberry plants are twice as big as they were when we planted them.  Even the basil and parsley are coming along, despite the fact that the squirrels keep digging holes in the dirt surrounding the delicate seedlings.

The squirrels and I are currently in a standoff over the herb garden.  They keep digging up the dirt and I keep patting it back down again.  We do this on a daily basis and none of us are ready to give up any time soon.  We'll see if the seedlings give up before either the squirrels or I do.
Squirrel hole in the basil patch.  Oregano left untouched.  April 2011.