Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Has Sprung: Mystery Fruit Tree Flowers in So Cal Side Yard

Mystery Fruit Tree Blossoms in Daniel's Yard, March 2011.
This past November I reported that my friend Daniel had a mystery fruit tree that he eventually determined to be a Sliva or Bulgarian plum tree.   At the time, it was heavy with fruit and I ungraciously called it "a funny little tree".
Daniel's Sliva Tree Last November 2010.
Don't get me wrong.  Daniel's sliva tree is STILL a funny little tree wedged into his side yard, but it is now covered in beautiful pink blossoms.  And it's a lovely reminder that spring has officially sprung, at least in Southern California.
Daniel's Sliva Tree in Full Blossom, March 2011.

Beautiful as the blossoms may be, they are not my favorite part of the tree.  That prize still goes to the fruit of the sliva tree, which Daniel uses in his delicious Mystery Fruit Crumble.  When I first posted the story about Daniel's sliva tree, Daniel wrote back with this charming morality tale that his Ukranian grandfather told him many years ago.   Since the spring wedding season is quickly approaching, I decided to reprint it here.  Happy Spring!
A friend of my grandfather's was going to a wedding and on the way he passed by a tree where the Slivas had fallen on the ground. He had to urinate. He continued walking to the wedding, but when he arrived, all the food was gone. 
By this time he was quite hungry and on the walk home, he passed under the tree and there were the tempting Slivas. He walked around under the tree carefully picking up the Slivas to eat, indicating "I peed on that one" or "I didn't pee on that one" so that he could determine which to eat. 
As an aside, my grandfather would never go to a wedding without eating first because he did not want to be in the same situation as his friend.