Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Dinner To Go: Academy Award Lasagna from Daniel

Photo courtesy Daniel Marlos, Feb. 27, 2011.
This afternoon I received a somewhat cryptic e-mail from my friend Daniel with the header:  "Sunday Dinner to Go:  Academy Awards Pot Luck Lasagna Sin Carne".  I can only assume this means that Daniel was invited to a potluck Academy Awards party and that he took homemade vegetarian lasagna.

Knowing Daniel, he made a delicious lasagna for the party and realized on his way out the door that I'd love to hear about it.  Not having enough time to write a full message about it, he must have hurriedly photographed both the ingredients and the recipe, and hoped I'd figure it out.

If only he'd photographed the lasagna BEFORE he covered it with aluminum foil...
Daniel's Lasagna sin Carne, Feb. 27, 2011.