Monday, June 27, 2011

Update on WANTED: Recipe for Guacamole Fresca

Ingredients for Guacamole Fresca by Daniel Marlos, June 2011.
A few hours ago I posted this photograph from Daniel Marlos hoping to coax the recipe out of him as soon as possible... and here it is.  Daniel mentions that he makes it with stale chips, but  I suspect that is simply a mention of the actual ingredients he had on hand, not a recommendation.

Guacamole Fresca
by Daniel Marlos

This is as fresh as it gets.

First make a salsa of boiled JalapeƱos Chilis and Tomatoes.  Peel skins from Tomatoes.  Vary the ratio to taste.  Salt and Puree.  You can burn chilis and tomatoes on a griddle for a more smoky salsa.

I hate to make guacamole.  It is messy.  I want to constantly lick my fingers which one cannot do when preparing food for another.  I made salsa the other day and I had stale chips and a ripe avocado.  There were fresh onions in the garden.  I couldn’t bring myself to make guacamole out of just one avocado.  I decided to make Guacamole Fresca at a party:

  • Make Salsa.
  • Give each person a fresh green onion.  
  • Give each person a small avocado and a knife.
  • Set out the warmed chips and begin eating.
  • Take the lead as the host.  Cut an avocado in half and remove pit.  Cut thin slices or small cubes without separating avocado from skin.  Dip chip in salsa and then scoop avocado.  Finish with a bite of onion.  Repeat until gone. 


  1. When I wrote the recipe, I did mention that I had stale chips, but stale chips are improved by heating them in the oven until they are hot and crispy. In my rush to supply the recipe, I neglected that bit of information.

  2. Thanks, Daniel. Reheating the chips is a great idea!