Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fruit and Espresso Shelving: Dreams of Loft Living

The expertly measured espresso shelf in Lisa's downtown loft kitchen, 2011.
Not too long ago my friend Lisa sent me these photos of two new additions to her downtown loft kitchen-- a shelf for espresso-making supplies and large wall unit of shelves for ripening fruit.  I'm not sure which I like better, but I'm pretty jealous of them both.

The shelves and cabinets in my tiny 1920's kitchen are crammed full of a mishmash of objects and I love the idea that these shelving units are perfectly sized to fit the objects they're meant to corral.  It seems decadent to be able to create the ultimate in custom shelving whenever a new need arises and to have the space to do it.

The shelves were made by two of Lisa's loft-mates-- Aaron and Michael-- and it's easy to see that these shelves come from the talented brains and hands of artists.  (Yet another reason to love loft-living.)  Maybe it's my Type-A personality shining through or just an overwhelmed brain longing for order, but I'm now staring at the walls of my kitchen with an eye for destruction... and transformation.
Fruit shelves in Lisa' s kitchen, 2011.


  1. Okay, so what you do is get a bunch of old boxes the same size...stack them on each other held together with some sort of clamp...have Dad make shelves the next time he's there, and voila...fruit ripening shelves. As for a shelf at the store, attach it to the wall and espresso shelf! I do love the look of the fruit ripening shelf...I'm assuming it's fruits from her garden!! Nice!!

  2. Sadly, I don't even have the floor space to put the boxes! But I am tempted by the idea of the espresso shelf...

    I think the fruit comes from the local farmer's market. I suppose that's the major downside of loft living-- no room to garden-- unless you can arrange some kind of rooftop scenario!

  3. Hi- Thanks for posting these images, Susan! Your post makes it sound like all that fruit and coffee is just for me, but in fact there are four of us here. I am fortunate to live with a couple guys who make stuff, and Aaron and Michael are the brains and craftsmen behind the fruit and espresso shelves. The fruit is from the Hollywood Farmer's Market, and the display is re-stocked weekly and then gets eaten during the week. The fruit shelf is a vast improvement over fruit bowls. I would highly recommend them for any household!

  4. Thanks, Lisa. My apologies and kudos to the shelf-makers. I've updated the post to reflect their contributions to your fabulous loft.