Friday, April 15, 2011

Planting My Spring Garden

My garden's new plantings, April 2011.
I live in Southern California, so I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I didn't plant my garden until this past week.  It's even more embarrassing to admit that I didn't even do it myself.  It's not that I can't plant a garden by myself, I just haven't found the time this year.  Or to be more precise-- I haven't MADE the time to plant a garden this year.  Luckily, my parents believe in the importance of having a garden and they  planted my garden while they were visiting.
San Marzano, Mortgage Lifter, and Juliet tomato plants in my garden, April 2011.

Strawberry plants sprouting, April 2011.

This year my garden's new plantings include:

  • Tomatoes- San Marzanos (2), Mortgage Lifters (2 plants from different sources), Juliet (1- my mother's favorite cherry tomato), and one unlabeled variety that I've forgotten already.  It will be fun to see what it turns out to be.
  • Strawberries- Early Glow (15 bare root plants)
  • Green Beans- Blue Lake (12)
  • Bunching Onions (6-pack of "bunches" separated out)
  • Chives- (2 large clumps- one carried over from last year)
  • Parsley (from seed- not yet sprouted)
  • Swiss Chard (weird, I know, but the woman at the nursery convinced me that it wasn't too hot yet if I had a partially shady spot to put them in)
  • Lettuce (a variety of Italian lettuces from seed- not yet sprouted)
  • Zinnias (6 plants in assorted colors- not edible, of course, but pretty)
  • Watercress (because I was jealous to see some doing so beautifully in the path between Daniel's raised beds last week)
Daniel's watercress plants growing between raised beds, April 2011.
Plants that have carried over from last year:
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Oregano
  • 1 carrot that mysteriously sprouted in an unusual place
Tending a garden is always full of surprises-- both good and bad.  We've already discovered some mishaps in the garden-- the lettuce seeds aren't getting enough water and part of the parsley has been dug up by the squirrels.  I hope for the best as I do every year, but for now, I'd better stop daydreaming (and typing) and go do some watering.  Gardening is a good reminder that sometimes it's better not to think too far into the future.  Sometimes it's enough to just tend to my little plot of ground and wait to see what comes up next.  
Bunching onions bunching, April 2011.

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