Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Heirloom Foods: Our First Crack at Cracking Olives

Today the girls and I decided to crack olives for Calabrian-style cured olives.  We learned how to crack them in Eat Sunday Dinner's first video tutorial, courtesy of Lisa and Louis.  I fear that Louis will be horrified by our rather aggressive technique, but we're pretty proud of ourselves.  I took a quick break from the olive cracking to post this video, but we've got a lot of olives left to crack so I'd better get back to it...

Heirloom Foods: Calabrian Olives Part 2

For those of you following our series of reports on the Calabrian Olive Curing Process, we're back with Part 2- Taking the Pits Out of the Olives.  Lisa and Louis have kindly supplied another video tutorial, which describes how to take the pits out of the olives.