Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Best Sandwich I Ever Ate- The BCT

I ate the best sandwich of my life yesterday... a sandwich so good that it made me cry.  It was a BCT (bacon, cream cheese, and tomato) sandwich lovingly made by my husband.  I'll admit I was on shaky ground to begin with, but it was the BCT that sent me over the edge.

Our family has had a week of difficult situations and bad news and by nine o'clock yesterday evening I realized I had eaten almost nothing that day.  I'd tried, but various phone calls and outings prevented me from following through on all my plans to eat.  It is worth mentioning that this is very unlike me.  Daily life and moderate stress will cause me to overeat.  Even on a good day I enjoy eating enough that I have to be careful to watch what I eat.  But extreme stress causes me to lose my appetite entirely.

I made an extra effort to plan a nice dinner to make up for my lack of eating during the day.  This plan was thwarted by the phone call that came in at the exact moment I put the dinner plates on the table.  By the time I finished the phone call, my food was cold and everyone else had finished eating.  I no longer had the heart to eat.  I knew enough to admit to my husband that I probably needed to be coaxed into eating something before I went to bed.  Little did I know that he would make this his grand mission in life.

Over the course of the next half hour he tried to tempt me with every food he could think of.  And I honestly thought I would be incapable of holding down any of it.  He even volunteered to go to the store and pick up a long list of things I usually can't resist.  But I didn't want any of them.  That is, until he asked if he could make me some bacon.  He knew he was onto something when I didn't immediately say no.  The hooks were in.

"How about a bacon sandwich?", he asked with eyebrows raised.  I remained silent.

"How about a bacon sandwich with a slice of tomato?"  This was a good call on his part because he knows how much I love our homegrown Mortgage Lifters.  In fact, I recently dedicated an entire blog report to Mortgage Lifters and why they taste like home to me.  I was weakening.

The winning offer was, "How about a bacon sandwich with a slice of tomato and cream cheese?"  He had me.  And he beamed as he flew into the kitchen to make it.  I patiently waited in my bed watching bad reality tv as he'd instructed.  When I smelled the bacon I knew I was in trouble.  By the time he'd put the sandwich on my lap and gone back to the kitchen for the cold glass of milk I'd requested, I was weeping.  Weeping for the day, for the kindness of my husband, and for the one food in the world that could make me feel hungry again.