Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Pickle Project: Day 3- Scum

Pickle scum on top of the pickles, Day 3 of the 14 day pickling process.
On Days 1-7 of the pickling process, there's not much to do but turn the pickles once a day to keep "scum" from forming on the top.  I thought this would mean skimming off the scum, but apparently it's enough to just stir the scum back into the pickling juice.  Yum.  It seemed kind of gross to me at first, but I've been eating these pickles all my life so who am I to question the recipe that my mother and grandmother and who knows how many generations of women before them had all used without any ill effects.  I would learn to stir the scum of my pickles back into the mix.
My mom shows me how to gently stir the pickles with her hand, Day 3 of the 14 day pickling process.