Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sugar Bowl Tragedy

The moment of impact.  Evidence of "The Sugar Bowl Incident" or "The Case of the Deadly Spaghetti Container".
I haven't had much luck with sugar bowls in my house recently and I blame it on the spaghetti container.  A few weeks ago I was working away on my spaghetti and meatball recipe when the spaghetti container fell out of the cabinet, crashing down on the sugar bowl and breaking it into pieces.  The really weird thing is that I had been taking photographs of a plate of meatballs on my kitchen counter just before the accident happened, and I'd set the camera down next to the sugar bowl.  When the spaghetti container fell, it must have broken the sugar bowl and then bounced onto the camera, tripping the shutter just as sugar erupted from the broken bowl.  So here it is... evidence of the deadly deed.

I mentioned this accident to my mother and she said, "That's what happened to me when I broke your last sugar bowl when we were visiting!"  Needless to say I was a little surprised.  That spaghetti container was out to get me and my sugar bowls.  And I was mad.

The first sugar bowl had belonged to my Great Aunt Francis and I'd been using it for years, knowing that I live in earthquake country and that at any moment it could bite the dust in The Big One.  My Great Uncle Kermit had brought the sweet little sugar bowl back from Japan during World War II and I loved it.  But I figured it was better to enjoy it while I could than to dig it out from a dusty closet when I'm old and hand it over to one of my daughters.  Or worse... have them fight over it when I'm dead.  So I used my little sugar bowl on a daily basis and thought of my Aunt Francis.  And when it was broken, I said goodbye and unearthed the Russell Wright combination sugar bowl/creamer.  It was shiny and black and very modern.  Not at all like my Aunt Francis' porcelain sugar bowl with its pretty fruit and flower pattern around the rim, but just as nice in it's own way.  And then the spaghetti container got it too!!!

I no longer use the spaghetti container, which has been banished to the far reaches of the upper cabinet over the refrigerator.  (My friend Luca says this is a mistake because the spaghetti container will corrupt the rest of my kitchen equipment.  I hope he's wrong.)  My husband now keeps the sugar for his coffee in a tiny tupperware container.  And I'm on the lookout for my next sugar bowl.