Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mommy Needs a Break!

Tim's Sunday dinner, hot off the grill, May 16, 2010.
Ok, I admit it.  A couple of weeks ago I snapped.  Making Sunday dinner for my family became too much for me with everything else we had to accomplish that day and I had a major breakdown.  I was ready to order pizza when my dear husband took it upon himself to prepare Sunday dinner.  He sent me away to "take a little rest", as my daughter would say, and whisked the girls away to the grocery store with him.  When he came back, he barred me from the kitchen and next thing I knew, a delicious hot meal was waiting for us all.  He grilled chicken thighs on the bbq and boiled new potatoes, which he knows I love.  He even made a salad, which I hate to do, and added a sprig of fresh thyme to each plate.  It was a great meal, a much needed break, and a good reminder that I don't always have to do everything by myself.