Thursday, April 29, 2010

Book Club for Sunday Dinner

This past Sunday my husband and I hosted book club for the first time since our youngest daughter was born.  Normally, hosting book club wouldn't be a big deal, but I have to admit that I felt a little out of practice in the hosting department.  Sensing my angst, my friend Lisa volunteered to bring a quiche and a pie for dessert.  So far so good.  I went to the farmer's market like I do most Saturdays and bought stuff for a salad and a half-flat of strawberries.  I tried out a new "healthy quiche" recipe a few days ahead of time and decided it would be better with a little sauteed country ham than with the proscuitto the recipe called for or the sun-dried tomatoes I'd used when I tested it.  And I was right.  My book club friends, especially Stephanie, are big fans of my father's country hams and I was happy I had a little left over from my parents' visit a few weeks back.

It was the perfect addition to an otherwise perfectly middle of the road faux-quiche, which to the credit of Cooking Light Magazine, was actually called a tart.  The quiche/tart was pretty good for a "healthy" recipe and I promised to send the recipe to a couple of book club members.  Unfortunately, my life (and memory) being what they are at the moment, I've forgotten who asked for it.  So here it is for anyone who wants to try it.  Cooking Light Italian Tomato Tart  In spite of it's name, it doesn't seem very Italian to me, but it's pretty good.  I'd love to hear what you think of it if you try it...