Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday and Then Some...

Easter Sunday was a big day around our house this year.  My parents and Aunt Alice were visiting from Virginia and we had three family birthdays within a week and a half so we decided to celebrate with one big backyard party.  Although we had a country ham stashed in the fridge, we decided to make life easy and host an Easter Brunch instead of a traditional Sunday dinner.  (Better for the kids' schedules and faster to pull together.)  So I sent my husband off to Noah's Bagels for coffee, bagels, smear, and balloons, while I popped the sausage and egg casseroles into the oven and hulled the strawberries we'd bought at the farmer's market the day before.

My mother and I baked a three tiered cake for my youngest daughter's first birthday and a miniature version for my husband.  (My aunt had a birthday the following Sunday, which we celebrated with a strawberry pie at her request.)  We had sixteen people helping us celebrate the day... including my cousin Walter, my husband's mother Jane, his brother Damian, some family friends, and our guest of honor, my daughter's best friend Maya.
My husband spent over an hour filling plastic eggs with chocolate and jelly beans at midnight the previous night so we could have two Easter egg hunts the next morning.  Since we didn't want to have the Easter egg hunt without Maya, we needed an excuse to keep our girls from hunting down all the Easter eggs in the yard while they were waiting for guests to arrive.  So we did what any insane parents would do.  We had TWO Easter egg hunts.   The first Easter egg hunt was "to find everything that the Easter Bunny left" for our girls.  They got their Easter baskets and raced around the yard searching for treats.  We told Violet that we wanted to have a special Easter egg hunt with Maya, then we whipped out a second bag of chocolate-laden eggs and let her help hide them.  This turned out to be a great idea and all three girls had a great time... until the "pink heart egg incident".  Someone (I'm still not sure who) found an egg with a row of tiny pink hearts encircling it.  And the other big girl wanted it.  So she took it.  Then someone took it back.  And on and on until an adult accidentally interrupted a stealth retrieval mission.  Eventually someone ended up crying in the bushes.  I'm not saying who.

As we tried in vain to lure one girl into loving the Elmo egg as much as the pink heart egg, I took solace in the fact that there was still a country ham awaiting us when things quieted down.  Maybe not on Easter Sunday, but sometime soon.  In my house, a country ham is a cause for celebration in and of itself and I looked forward to sharing my love for this ham with my daughter Annabel for the first time.  Today was not that day.  There was too much craziness and I didn't want the experience dulled by too much sun and slightly melted Easter chocolate. But that's a story for another day.  In the end, a golden egg offered the necessary solace for the girl without the pink heart egg and all three girls were gloriously distracted by the ring of multi-colored peeps on Annabel's first birthday cake.  When it was all over, I hardly remembered the party, but I'm pretty sure Annabel was unaware of the controversy and had a great first birthday, surrounded by people who love her.