Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Heirloom Foods: Calabrian Olive Making By the Pros

As I struggle in my first awkward attempt at making Calabrian olives, I thought readers might like to see how the pros do it.  This is Calabrian olive making by Louis, a real Calabrian, and his wife Lisa, who is a dedicated Calabrian by marriage. 
Calabrian olives in various stages of curing at the home of Lisa and Louis, Nov. 1, 2010.
My friends Lisa and Louis are currently in the process of curing over 70 pounds of olives.  They brought me what I thought was a LOT of olives (six quarts!), but it turns out that this is just a tiny portion of the olives they're curing at their house.  I'm looking forward to seeing their refrigerator after they finish the curing process since I'm fairly certain that Calabrian olives must be stored in a cool environment.  Maybe they'll just be buying a second refrigerator for olive storage.
Lisa's olive-stained hand after she has pitted over 60 pounds of olives, November 2010.
Lisa just sent me an e-mail to say that thanks to her olive-stained hands, she could now hook me up with the best pizza in Los Angeles.  A few days ago, Lisa and Louis went to a new pizza place and the chef/owner he asked Lisa if she was an artist.  He'd assumed this because her hands were stained with what he thought was paint.  Although Lisa is, in fact, an artist, she revealed that her hands had been stained by olive tanins and suddenly she was IN with the pizza guy.  Lisa and Louis are, shall we say, a discriminating pair of pizza connoisseurs, so I can only assume that this pizza will be fantastic.  I'll be sure to provide a review after I've tried it.

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