Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Make It Stop!- Kathleen's San Marzano Crop

Kathleen's San Marzanos, Fall 2010.
My friend Kathleen recently e-mailed me this photo with the header "Make It Stop!"  Looking at the image I can understand her problem, but I must admit I'm more than a little jealous.

When I talked to Kathleen last week she told me that her garden had produced a bumper crop of San Marzanos, a wonderful variety of Italian plum tomato.  I tried to grow San Marzanos this year with limited success, so I couldn't wait to hear how Kathleen had done it.  She said that she threw seeds up into the upper level of her terraced garden plot where they got very little water, and then she ignored them for most of the growing season.  In spite of her neglect, the plants produced endless amounts of tomatoes... so many tomatoes that she's been making at least two batches of tomato sauce EVERY WEEK for the past several months.  She also told me that she's already cut back the plants twice this summer and they still insist on producing enough fruit to fill several grocery bags full of tomatoes.

I ignored my San Marzanos just as much Kathleen said she did, and all I got for my lack of effort was a single harvest of about 20 tomatoes.  But I must admit that I think my San Marzano plants may have gone on strike after my daughters picked the fruit to use as ammunition in a game of "let's see how much we can get away with while mommy is trying to make 3D photos of us in front of the tomato plants".  I guess San Marzano plants are NOT fans of stereoscopic photography.

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  1. I am definitely going to plant these beauties next year! We planted a variety of tomatoes this year, including heirlooms, and were definitely underwhelmed by the size of the bounty. Being a guilt-ridden parent, I probably over-tend to them... I like the idea of plant-and-forget!