Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Heirloom Foods: Calabrian Olives Part 2

For those of you following our series of reports on the Calabrian Olive Curing Process, we're back with Part 2- Taking the Pits Out of the Olives.  Lisa and Louis have kindly supplied another video tutorial, which describes how to take the pits out of the olives.



  1. So are they halved olives? I have to look up calabrian style olives...Aha! So are they in a tomato sauce?

  2. They're unripe olives that you whack with a hammer and then put in a vat of water overnight. You take the pits out after 24 hours then keep them in the water, changing it every day for a week. Once they're all brown, you take them out of the water and cover them in olive oil in jars. Lisa says you can add garlic or herbs or "whatever you want", but I'm waiting for further instructions!