Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heirloom Foods: Lisa and Louis Harvest Calabrian Beans

Last night I saw my friend Lisa Anne tending bar at the Armand Hammer Museum and she gave me the long-awaited news that her Calabrian Beans are now being harvested for seed.  Regular readers of this site know that her husband Louis has a strict policy of never sharing the fresh beans, but they WILL share the dried beans to be planted next year.
Louis and Lisa's Calabrian beans drying on the vine, September 19, 2010.  Photo courtesy of  Lisa Anne Auerbach.
I am hopeful that I will be soon be receiving a seed packet of these magical beans so that I can attempt to grow Calabrian beans in my own garden.  For a full report on the dried bean harvest, check out Lisa's blog Steal This Sweater.

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