Monday, July 5, 2010

The Pickle Project: Day 8- Swapping Out the Scummy Water

Day 8: Scum on top of pickles.
Today is "Day 8" of the Pickle Project and Mom and I have been faithfully stirring the "scum" into the pickles for 7 days now.  It's finally time to switch out the water.

We've been following the recipe for 14 Day Pickles.  And this is today's mission:

Day 8:  Drain salt water from cucumbers.  

Pour 1 gallon of hot tap water over cucumber chunks and drain again.  Wipe any scum from sides of jar. 

Pour 1 gallon boiling water over  cucumbers chunks.  (It is important to do steps 8 - 14 at approximately the same time of day so you have a full 24 hours between steps.)

I have to say I was surprised by the fact that the cucumber pieces actually bubbled when we added the hot water.

One tip:  Make sure you've got your crock in a safe place when you add the boiling water.  I didn't realize that the crock would be too hot to move for a while!

Day 8:  Bubbling cucumber slices in boiling water.

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