Friday, June 18, 2010

Wasted Chicken... I'm So Irritated!

Yesterday was a busy day.  It's was my stepson's birthday and I was running around cleaning, going to the grocery store, and taking care of two little ones.  In the frenzy, I left a bag of groceries in the car overnight.  Did it contain dry goods?  A loaf of bread?  Cans of fruit for my youngest daughter?  NOOOO... it was the roasted chicken I bought yesterday to make my life easier today.  

I discovered the oversight this morning as I was sorting through the party leftovers and trying to figure out what I had planned to serve for dinner tonight.  Today is my big "work day" and I knew I'd need an easy dinner for this evening.  I'd planned ahead and bought a roasted chicken and a bag of new potatoes.  We also had tomatoes from the farmer's market and although I wasn't sure what I'd make, I knew I had the fixings for a simple and delicious meal.  That is, until I realized that the chicken was NOT in the refrigerator.  I frantically sorted through leftover pizza boxes and containers of chopped celery and cheese, hoping the chicken was buried under the pile.  And then I realized... the chicken must be in the car.  Sigh.

I ran out to the car in my slippers and found the poor bird festering away in the trunk.  I was tempted to take a photograph of it, but I thought that might annoy me even more.  So no photo.  And no more wasting time by writing about the subject any further.

I don't know what we'll have for dinner tonight, but it certainly won't be chicken.

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