Monday, June 14, 2010

Rotten Pumpkin, Gross!

Bye, bye, pumpkin!  
Well, it finally happened.  We had to say goodbye to the last of our Halloween pumpkins.  This one outlasted the others by a good six months, but nine months after we blew out the candle in our Jack-o-lantern, we bid a fond farewell to our last uncut pumpkin sitting on the window ledge.  I was sad to see him go since he had lasted so long, but Violet enjoyed seeing the rotten underbelly of the pumpkin.  I believe she yelled, "Squishy!  Gross!!" when she saw it.  Then she went to run in her "meadow", which is what she calls the four-foot square of clover growing in our front yard.  Life goes on...

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