Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's Cooking at Heritage Square...

We recently visited Heritage Square for "Museum of the Arroyo Day" and had a blast.  Who knew we would have so many great food related experiences while visiting a collection of transplanted Victorian houses?  Our first stop was the art station and while my daughters colored pictures of Victorian ladies, my husband went to check out the Civil War re-enactor tent.  Turns out, it was manned by someone he knew...  Colonel Douglas Rober Mroczek of the Seventh United States Cavalry Memorial Regiment.  When the girls had finished coloring, Tim took us to visit the Colonel and he regaled us with stories from his regiment and showed us his period mess kit.
When we turned around, we spied an octagonal house... and had to check it out.  Although the exterior was lovingly restored, the inside was a wreck and showed all the wear and tear of a transplanted 100-plus year old house desperately awaiting renovation.

The girls had a fun time running around the circular porch while I snuck inside for a closer look.  The sitting room was full of historical photos and glass cases containing the remnants of broken dishware and other household objects found at the building's original location.  It was mildly interesting, but the kitchen was the place that the curators had fun.  There were several period appliances and a number of Victorian era kitchen tools.  I loved looking at these objects and wondering what it would have been like to use them on a daily basis.  I must admit that I'm grateful I will never really have to do cook this way.

By the time we left the octagonal house, everyone was starting to melt down, but I didn't want to cook, so I headed for the food trucks while Tim fed the girls their lunch in the shade of a giant oak tree.  We'd originally intended to enjoy a relaxing Sunday dinner picnic together, but that was clearly not going to happen.  In the end, we decided to take our food home with us and eat it after we put the girls down for a nap.  The food suffered a bit in transit, but it was still pretty yummy!

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