Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our First Official Sunday Dinner

On Friday my husband and I decided that our family would start eating weekly Sunday dinner and guess what?...  This past Sunday came and went without a single thought of Sunday dinner.  Not that we didn't eat Sunday dinner.  We did, in a way.  Sunday was my Aunt Alice's birthday and we had a lovely Sunday dinner to celebrate the occasion.  She requested pork roast, asparagus, boiled new potatoes, and a strawberry pie for dessert.  We even put a candle in a homemade brownie because my daughter doesn't think it's a birthday unless we sing the "Happy Birthday" song and somebody blows out a candle... with her help, of course.  No photos were taken to commemorate the occasion and there was no mention of the importance or meaning of the event.  We had a leisurely family meal without caring if anyone else knew about it or could see a record of what happened later.  I guess it was the perfect Sunday dinner after all.

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