Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Country Ham Delivery!

My parents brought me a ham!  And it came at the perfect time.  We were so busy with birthday celebrations this week that we hardly had time to think about other meals, much less cook them.  This ham, which you see moments after I pulled it out of the pot, fed my family for a week.

As usual, dad was excited to find the "INSPECTED BY TSA" flyer in the suitcase with the ham when he arrived at our house.  I don't know why a country ham looks suspicious on x-ray, but when he flies out to see me with a ham in his suitcase, the bag is always "inspected".  My mom has started writing "Country Ham" on the outside of the ham's wrapper, which I think is funny because if they're reading the note it means they've already decided to inspect the bag.  I guess she's afraid they'll confiscate it or come grab them off the plane for suspicious activity.  Maybe carrying a ham 3,000 miles is suspicious, but it's definitely worth doing.  At least from my perspective... 

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