Friday, February 27, 2009

"Obama" AND "Sunday Dinner"

When I realized I had spent most of my writing time today working on filing a backlog of photographs into my mammoth filing system,  I couldn't resist the urge to do a quick google search for a fun blog topic.  (My original, more ambitious plan was to discuss the differences between Sunday brunch and Sunday dinner and I certainly couldn't manage that in the hour I had left for writing.)  The solution to my dilemma... googling "Obama" AND "Sunday Dinner".

I haven't been able to watch a tv news report featuring "our president" in years, so it's still a surprise to me that I don't cringe when a TV newscaster announces that the station is going to cut to a press conference with THE PRESIDENT.  So why not try to learn a little something about the first president I can comfortably watch in eight years to see if anyone has reported on Obama's choices in Sunday dinner fare?

The first entry turned out to be the most interesting of the several pages I looked at.  "Waffles and Grits a White House Favorite, First Lady Says" by Lee Ross of FOXNews.  Turns out, this President, like many before him, has to work on Sundays, and uses food to try to smooth over political differences, and perhaps even convert a few people by buttering them up with a delicious meal.  

I'm enjoying watching President and Mrs. Obama find their personal White House style.  This is always an interesting pastime, but even more so because the Obamas really seem to be enjoying it.