Sunday, May 25, 2008

Letter from Mr. Daniel Marlos

I recently received the following letter from Mr. Daniel Marlos. While it isn't a recipe for typical Sunday Dinner fare, it would make a great breakfast or quick snack for the hardworking cook in the middle of Sunday Dinner preparations. Thank you Mr. Marlos for submitting the recipe for such a delicious treat.

Dear Ms Lutz,
I was horrified when my 18 year old osterizer blender broke down unexpectedly, and since I have been drinking smoothies for breakfast (I realize breakfast is not dinner and is not limited to Sunday, but a healthy breakfast is the foundation of good dietary health), I needed a replacement. I was thrilled to find a Kenmore, glass blender on sale at Sears, and was even more thrilled that it was red and matches my kitchen appliances. It is not quite as efficient as that old osterizer, but it does the job with two speeds and an ice crusher. Who needs 14 speeds on a blender?

Smoothie Recipe:
3 ice cubes
1 banana
other compatible fruit (peaches fresh picked from the tree this morning)
2 heaping tablespoons of unflavored, unsweetened yoghurt
milk to desired consistency.

Blend until smooth and drink two big glasses.
Daniel Marlos

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